SICA Deployment in Piscialba and Plagton

The SICA technology (Acoustic Sensor for feedingf Control in Fish Farms) has been deployed in two aquaculture facilities, PISCIALBA (Murcia, Spain) and PLAGTON (Greece), in offshore cages for seabass and seabream. The project objective is to deploy the SICA in two fish farms to determine the feasibility of this technology.

The selection of two different farms allows firstly, to test the SICA under different farming techniques and environments and secondly, multiply the results that can be transferable to other countries and farmed species. SICA technology  is already installed and it has successfully overcome both technical and meteorological difficulties. One of the modules of SICA (data logger) has been installed in the edges of the sea cages in order to acquire data and transmit it to the unit control module.

The control unit module will gather the data from the data logger, apply the algorithms to study fish behaviour and make a decision whether the feeding process should stop in order to avoid fish feed. 

Shortly we will show the first results. Stay tuned!

 SICA deployment in Piscialba (Spain)   

 SICA deployment in Plagton (Greece)

This project has received funding from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund of the European Commission under grant agreement EASME/EMFF/2017/